How to Cut Inner Ear Hair on Standard Poodles

Updated November 21, 2016

Standard poodles have long, floppy ears. Excess hair in the ear opening can trap wax, dirt and moisture, which can cause an ear infection. All dogs can suffer inner-ear infections when the ears aren't properly groomed and cared for. This is especially true of longer-eared dogs like the poodle. Regular trimming of inner-ear hair can prevent painful and chronic ear conditions.

Pull the ear back and lay it flat against the dog's head.

Dip your fingers in ear powder. Dipping your fingers in ear powder will help you to grip the hairs.

Pluck out the hairs inside the ear. Pulling each hair out individually is the best technique for dogs with long ear hair. Grasp each individual hair between your fingers and quickly yank it out. Doing one hair at a time won't cause the dog pain. Be careful not to pull more than one hair at a time or you will hurt the dog.

Use special ear forceps to pull inner-ear hair. Ear forceps are tiny tweezers designed for this job and are available from dog groomer suppliers. You can use this tool as an alternative to hand-plucking the hair.

Trim inner-ear hair with snub-nosed scissors. If the ear hair is too short to grasp, you can trim it back using scissors. Be very careful not to poke the scissors inside the ear canal.


Check inside the dog's ears regularly. Watch for dirt, excess wax and parasites. Smell inside the ear; a bad odour indicates an infection is developing and the dog will need treatment from a veterinarian.

Things You'll Need

  • Ear powder
  • Ear forceps
  • Snub-nosed scissors
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