How to Read a VCF File

Virtual business cards, or "vCards" for short, are used to share contact information between address books and scheduling programs. A vCard file is saved with a VCF extension. If you try to click on a VCF file, your operating system usually doesn't know what to do with the file and it won't open. However, the file's data is in a simple text format and it is viewable in most TXT or RTF readers.

Click on the "Start" menu.

Type "Notepad" in the "Search programs and files" field.

Click on the Notepad icon in the results field.

Click "File."

Click "Open."

Click on the drop-down box that reads "Text Documents (*.txt").

Select "All Files."

Browse your computer's folders and click on the VCF file you want to read.

Click "Open." The VCF file is now displayed in the Notepad window for you to read.

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