How to Make Your Own Disney Movie Costume at Home

Disney character costumes are commonly seen during Halloween. While there are loads of Disney costumes available through assorted costume supply stores and online Halloween stores, homemade costumes save money and often look just as good. Unless you are skilled at dressmaking or can otherwise handle a needle and thread, try going for Disney characters whose costumes require little work with pieces that are easy to obtain. Such costumes include Bert from "Mary Poppins" and the soldier-training costume from "Mulan."

Add soot if desired to a pair of dark trousers, dark shirt, dark shoes, newsboy cap and a dark jacket. Use old clothing of your own or purchase items from a thrift store.

Tie a bandanna around your neck.

Smear black face make-up on the face to look like soot. Use a long-handled brush or broom as a prop.

Put on a pair of green sweatpants and push them up to the knees. Put on a pair of long white socks so no skin is visible.

Wear a green bathrobe or cardigan, and belt it with a green sash.

Slip on a pair of black flats or black ballet slippers, and tie your hair in a bun.


Other ideas for homemade Disney character costumes include Tony from "Lady and the Tramp." Pair a white apron with a men's shirt under an open vest and a string tie.

Things You'll Need

  • Soot
  • Dark jacket
  • Dark trousers
  • Dark shirt
  • Newsboy cap
  • Dark shoes
  • Bandanna
  • Black face make-up
  • Broom
  • Green sweatpants
  • Long white socks
  • Green bathrobe or cardigan
  • Green sash
  • Black flats
  • Hair pins and ties
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