How to Install Male F-Connectors on Coaxial Cables

Updated April 17, 2017

Coaxial cable is an essential component of any television system because it carries the video and audio signal from the over-the-air antenna or satellite dish to the TV receiving equipment. Reliable television reception requires high-quality coaxial cable terminated with a correctly fitted cable connector. F-type male coaxial cable connectors are often used to ensure a reliable connection between the cable and the input jack on the TV receiving equipment. Installing a male F-type coaxial cable connector is a straightforward task that takes only a few minutes.

Strip off a half-inch of the outer polythene or plastic casing at each cable end. To strip the casing, clamp it with the wire strippers and pull firmly downwards to remove the outer layer.

Pull back the silver or copper-coloured braid from the cable end. This exposes the core wire, which is usually coated with white or translucent plastic.

Strip off the plastic coating by about a quarter-inch to reveal the inner copper wire.

Slip the coaxial cable connector collar over the cable end. Move it up the cable so it's just below the braid you pulled back in step 2.

Place the main body of the F-type male coaxial cable connector over the end of the cable. Twist it onto the cable collar. Screw the collar firmly into the rest of the cable connector to form a tight, secure connection.


Gently pull the cable connector to ensure it's screwed-in properly.


Switch off all TV receiving equipment before connecting it to the coaxial cable.

Things You'll Need

  • Wire stripper
  • F-type male coaxial connectors
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