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Updated April 17, 2017

The Kindle, presented by Amazon, is a device that allows you to browse millions of ebooks and securely purchase any you would like to read. The Amazon catalogue includes nearly two million free books under the Creative Commons license, and nearly one million other books, such as those on the New York Times Best Sellers list. As the most popular e-reader, the latest Kindle edition stores up to 3,500 books and the battery lasts up to three weeks with wireless connectivity on at all times. Operating the Kindle takes some getting used to, because it doesn't have touchscreen capability. Instead, you navigate via a five-way directional keypad and side page-turning keys.

Navigate to the Amazon website if you don't have an account. Click "Sign In" and then "No, I Am a New Customer." Click the "Sign In Using Our Secure Server" button, then fill in your registration information and click "Create Account."

Slide the power button located at the top of your Kindle to the right and quickly release it. To link it with your Amazon account, push "Home" and then "Menu." Scroll to "Settings" with the directional pad and press the centre to select it.

Click "Deregister" if the buyer is anyone other than you, then select "Register." Enter in the email address and password of your Amazon account with the keypad and then select "OK."

Connect your Kindle to a wireless network. Press "Home" and then "Menu." Scroll down to and select "Settings," then "Wi-Fi Settings." A list of Wi-Fi networks will pop up; select your preferred network and enter a password if prompted.

Push the "Menu" key, scroll to "Shop in Kindle Store" and then select it. Press the directional pad to navigate to a category, including "Browse," "New and Noteworthy Books" or "Editors' Picks." Alternatively, scroll all the way to the bottom and type in a title or author's name to search for a specific book.

Press the large page buttons on either side of your Kindle to scroll through multiple pages. Use the bigger button to move forward, and the smaller button to go back.

Scroll to and select a specific title, then click "Buy" to purchase it. Wait for the book to download to your Kindle, and then press "Home." The book will automatically appear on your home screen.

Navigate to the new book, and press the directional pad to open it. Use the page buttons to turn the pages, or press the "Menu" button to search, add a bookmark or type in a note.


If you bought a Kindle with your Amazon account, it is registered automatically. If your kindle has 3G connectivity, it is already connected to a 3G network. When buying a book, scroll down and select "Try a Sample" to download a preview.

Things You'll Need

  • Amazon account
  • Wi-Fi or 3G connection
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