Bernzomatic micro torch refill directions

The Bernzomatic micro-torch and mini-torch are convenient for smaller soldering jobs and some light-duty cutting. The torch is not much bigger than a mini-flashlight and is less difficult to handle than a standard size Bernzomatic torch. Another benefit of the micro-torch is the ability to refill the torch rather than exchanging bottles. Refilling a Bernzomatic micro torch is much like refilling a butane lighter. The key to successfully filling the torch is removing the air from inside of it.

Turn off the Bernzomatic micro torch. Rotate the flame adjuster at the top of the device clockwise with your fingers until it stops. There should be no sound of gas or air coming from the tip.

Hold the micro torch upside down. Press the small ring around the refill hole on the bottom of the torch using a toothpick. This relieves excess air pressure left inside the torch canister.

Shake the refill can of Bernzomatic butane fuel up and down vigorously. Insert the tip of the refill can into the hole on the bottom of the torch body.

Press down on the refill can to fully insert the tip and fill the Bernzomatic micro torch. Lift the refill can away from the torch as soon as air and fuel spray from the ring around the refill hole.

Allow the torch to warm up before attempting to light it again. The butane and compressed air is very cold and requires time to expand inside the canister before lighting.


You can use butane refills for lighters if the Bernzomatic butane is not available.

Things You'll Need

  • Toothpick
  • Butane refill
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