How to Replace the Battery on a Rado Florence

Rado Florence is a Swiss-made range of luxury timepieces for women. Rado batteries last from two to four years. During the warranty period, it is recommended that you take your watch to a registered dealer for battery changes. However, after the warranty period, you can easily change the battery yourself.

Clean your work area. Dust and lint can get into the watch mechanism and cause problems. Lay down the soft cloth to protect the watch while you are working on it.

Place the head of the flathead screwdriver into one of the two grooves on the side of the watch case. Apply upward pressure until the back pops off. Use caution to avoid scratching the watch case.

Use the serial number on the back of the battery to order a replacementfrom a jeweller or online. Use the small screwdriver to pry the battery from beneath the battery strap. Do not damage or scratch the surrounding components. Make sure that you know which way the battery was situated so that you can put the replacement battery in the same way.

Insert the new battery into the battery slot using the tweezers. Do not push the new battery down into the slot. Don't touch the new battery; salt and oil from your hands will cause corrosion. Replace the watch back and press down until it clicks into place.

Things You'll Need

  • Soft cloth
  • Small flathead screwdriver (such as computer or eyeglasses screwdriver)
  • Tweezers
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