How to cheat at gambling in dead frontier

Updated April 17, 2017

In the hit MMORPG game Dead Frontier, you must battle for survival against hoards of zombies. One key to your survival is the amount of ammo and variety of weapons you have at your disposal. Like in real life, weapons cost money. To earn money fast and easy, it is best to start gambling. Fortunately, you don't have to be a card shark to win at gambling in Dead Frontier. There is a simple strategy that makes money so fast it will seem like you are cheating.

Earn at least 20,000 dollars before entering the gambling den.

Bet 100 dollars every hand.

Choose the card to the left every time you bet.

When you lose, double your bet to cover your losses.

Win 20,000 dollars and then exit the gambling den. Do not try to keep gambling because the program eventually changes where the queen card is placed to prevent you from winning.


If you lose more than five hands in a row choosing the left card, exit the gambling den and enter the map. You can the enter the gambling den again and start over. You rarely lose five hands in a row choosing the left card.

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