How to Unzip File in Filezilla

Updated February 21, 2017

Filezilla is a free, open source File Transfer Protocol software that you can use to manage your website files. Filezilla helps to to organise, manage and transfer large amounts of files from your server to your local computer. Filezilla doesn't support unzipping files directly on your website's server; you can work around the issue by downloading the relevant files to your local drive and using your favourite zip utility to unzip the file.

Move the file you want to unzip in Filezilla from your website to your local computer. To move a file, drag the file name from the right server window to the left local device window. This downloads the file to your computer.

Unzip the file on your computer.

Drag the unzipped files in Filezilla from the left local device window to the server window on the right.


Once you have unzipped the file, you will have several files to re-upload to your server. To save time, move the complete folder in Filezilla instead of selecting the individual files.

Things You'll Need

  • Zip utility such as WinZip, CAM Unzip or 7-zip


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