How to Calculate Accumulator Bets

Updated April 17, 2017

An accumulator is a sporting bet where you place a certain amount of money on a number of sporting results that you think will happen. Each choice gives you the specific odds of that result occurring. An accumulator combines a number of bets to give you greater combined odds. However, while you receive greater odds for your accumulator bet than with a single bet, all the bet choices must be correct for you to win your accumulator wager.

Choose the sporting results that you would like to put a bet on and write down their odds on a piece of paper. For example, you may wish to put £1.30 on three sporting results. The odds for each different result are 3/1, evens and 11/2.

Work out the return you would receive for the first bet. For example, if the bet was the 3/1 bet, the sum would be 3 multiplied by 2 which would give you 6. You then add your original stake which would give you a return of £5.

Use the £5 to work out the return for the second bet, which was the evens bet. The sum would be 8 multiplied by 1 which would give you 8. Add the £5 stake and you would get a return of £10.

Carry out the multiplication for the last bet at 11/2 using the £10. Multiply 16 by 5.5, which would give you 88. Add the stake of £10 and it would give you £67. Therefore, your three-bet accumulator with a £1.30 stake would give you a return of £67.

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