How to Decorate the Fridge

Updated November 21, 2016

Add some colour and unique design ideas by decorating your fridge. Most families are familiar with the idea of using fridge magnets or hanging up children's art samples, however, there are many creative ideas for making your fridge stand out from the rest. You can paint a mural on it or d├ęcoupage wrapping paper on the entire surface, for example, and if you are just tired of that old white or almond colour, use appliance spray to change the colour for a brand new look.

Place fridge magnets on your fridge to reflect your style. Take advantage of the fact that refrigerators usually have magnetic surfaces. Post family photos or food image magnets or use magnets to hang up and display children's artwork on your fridge. If someone in the family is into martial arts, you can purchase Ninja throwing star magnets to decorate your fridge. Alternatively you can decorate your fridge with large, vinyl stickers with magnetic backings.

D├ęcoupage your fridge surface. Pick out a patterned or coloured wrapping paper you like and cover your fridge with it. Use white glue and water or podgy to affix the wrapping paper to the fridge surface. Once it is dry, coat it completely with polyurethane sealant. Do two or three repeat coats of the clear sealer allowing it to dry between coats. Your fridge will truly have a one-of-a-kind look.

Hire a local artist to hand paint a mural on your fridge surface, or if you have artistic ability, tackle it yourself. Anything that appeals to you personally or reflects your interests will do such as an American flag, a large flower or a nature scene. When you have a theme in your kitchen such as apples or pears or a certain colour or combination of colours, have the artist coordinate the fridge mural with your chosen theme. Alternatively, use appliance spray paint to change the fridge to a different solid colour by yourself.

Purchase instant stainless steel film covering to decorate your fridge with an expensive stainless steel look. SoftMetal is an adhesive film that looks like genuine metal when applied to fridge. It comes in a roll with an adhesive backing so it is easy to apply and you can cut it to the size you need. This adhesive film can be cleaned using soap and water; however, you cannot use any cleaning agent that contains alcohol or thinner on it.

Ask your children to make play dough fridge magnets to proudly display on your refrigerator. Roll out the dough and use cookie cutters to create shapes or have the children mould their own creations. Allow to dry and then have the children paint their works of art or use a glitter pen to decorate the shapes. Glue a magnet on to each shape and decorate your fridge. Make letter shapes to spell out words like family or the name of family members.


Have a family photo enlarged and laminated and then glue magnets on the back to post on your fridge for a family-oriented kitchen.

Things You'll Need

  • Magnets
  • Appliance paint
  • Stainless steel film covering
  • Fridge mural stickers
  • Wrapping paper
  • Podgy glue
  • Clear sealant
  • Dough art
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