How to collect coupons & freebies

Updated March 23, 2017

With economic woes and budgets stretched to their limit, many families use coupons and freebies to help fill gaps in the family budget. The proper use of coupons can greatly impact a family's grocery budget. Additionally, freebies can help to delay purchases a few days or weeks until another paycheck arrives in the bank account. Collecting coupons and freebies does not need to be difficult. With a little bit of research and time, any family can collect enough coupons and freebies to make the exercise worthwhile.

Make a list of your family's favourite name brand products around the house. Take a few minutes each day to send an e-mail to the manufacturer of those products through the "contact us" link on their website. Request coupons and free samples of their products. Often times, the manufacturer will already have a link on their website for printable coupons or a form to fill out to request a free sample of their product.

Subscribe to e-mails from online coupon and freebie bloggers, such as Hip2Save, Southern Savers and A Full Cup. Visit their sites on a regular basis to find links to available printable coupons, free samples and good deals at your favourite stores. These sites also offer tutorials on how to use coupons effectively to net the biggest savings from your efforts.

Purchase one or more Sunday newspapers for additional coupons. To get multiple copies of the coupons, request that your friends and family who do not save the coupon inserts give them to you each week. Additionally, scout the recycling centre in your area for discarded coupon inserts to net more free coupon inserts each week.

Organise your coupons and freebies to keep a running inventory on what you have, as well as what you need. Many find that using a three ring binder with baseball card holders as an organizational tool to keep the coupons in order easily. Additionally, store your freebies together in order to easily use them when needed. Often, free samples and freebies from manufacturers come in travel size portions. Save those to use when travelling to keep from having to purchase additional smaller bottles of toiletries.


Subscribe to deal sites, such as Eversave and Groupon for coupons and deals to local restaurants, shops and more. These deals you must purchase, but they typically net you significant savings on items you may already purchase.


Only use coupons for items that you would normally purchase to avoid overspending on items that you will never use. A coupon for an item does not necessarily make that item a good deal.

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