How to Turn Off The Alarm on a Timex 80 Calculator Watch

Updated February 21, 2017

The retro Timex 80 collection features watch designs from the 1980s. The collection includes the calculator wristwatch design in an array of colours such as solid blue, black, green, pink and white; as well as gold, black and silver metal-strap options. As with non-calculator models, the Timex 80 calculator has an alarm and hourly chime. The alarm is set and turned off using specific keys on the calculator keypad.

Touch any of your Timex 80 calculator watch calculator keys to turn off the alarm when it sounds.

Press and hold the "7," "4," "1," "8," "5" or "2" key to access the watch settings when you want to turn off the alarm entirely.

Push "9," "6," "3," "0" "." or "+/=" until the alarm icon disappears from the display.


Turning off the alarm entirely also turns off the hourly chime.

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