How to Import .Key Files to PowerPoint

Updated March 23, 2017

If you've created a presentation using Keynote, Apple's presentation software, and need to save it in a format that is compatible for PowerPoint users, you must convert the Keynote files to the PowerPoint format. Although the programs do have their similarities, some of Keynote's features, such as flashy animations, do not translate to PowerPoint. Keynote users can open PowerPoint files through the Keynote program, but PowerPoint itself does not support Keynote files. Preparing the Keynote file for PowerPoint is a simple process.

Open the Keynote document you wish to prepare for PowerPoint. Alternately, open the document from within Keynote by clicking on the Keynote icon in your dock, then clicking on "File" and "Open" to navigate to your Keynote document.

Click once again on "File" when the Keynote document is open. Scroll down to "Save As." Name your file, then click on the down arrow in the text box. Click on the "Save copy as:" box. Select "PowerPoint Presentation," then click "Save."

Open the renamed file in PowerPoint to make sure it works.


Keynote can accept many graphics formats; PowerPoint has a more limited variety of acceptable formats. In PowerPoint, the backgrounds in alpha channel graphics (photo cutouts) are transparent; however, they are not anti-aliased. That means that they will have a noticeable white line around the subjects when imported from Keynote into PowerPoint.

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