How to Face Paint a Jungle Face

Written by christine harvey
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How to Face Paint a Jungle Face
Face paint a person to look like the king of the jungle. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

There are a variety of face painting designs that could be categorised as jungle faces. Numerous animals live in the jungle and are popular face painting requests. Jungle leaves and vines can also be painted as a more creative, but less requested, face painting design.

Skill level:
Moderately Easy

Things you need

  • Water based face paints in colours including dark brown, shades of green, light brown, red, orange, yellow, white and black
  • Water
  • Small round soft bristled detail brush
  • Fan brush
  • Face painting sponges
  • Medium round soft bristled brush

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    Jungle Scene

  1. 1

    Load a small round detail brush with brown face paint by dipping the brush in water and rotating it in face paint. Starting at the outside of the face and flicking inward, paint several sticks that end in a point around the entire edge of the face, coming out from the hairline, the jawline and the chin. Sticks should be about an inch apart and of varying lengths. Give the sticks a slight curve as you paint them.

  2. 2

    Use a fan brush loaded with various shades of green to paint leaves on the sticks. This is done by pressing the fan brush on the stick and flicking it outward. Put leaves coming out both sides of all the sticks painted around the edge of the face.

  3. 3

    Paint wavy vines, starting at the forehead and coming down over the eyelid and onto the cheek, ending near the bottom of the cheek. Use a small round detail brush loaded with bright green to paint these vines. With the same colour of green, add leaves to the vine by putting the tip of the brush on the vine and pressing outward until the brush is fully pressed down. Paint leaves along both sides of both vines.

  4. 4

    Double load the small round detail brush with a bright flower colour, like red, orange or yellow, and white to paint flowers on the vines. Fill the brush with a colour then rub only the tip of the brush in white. Press the brush down on the vine to make petals that form a flower. Include flowers of various colours on the vines.

  5. 5

    Load a medium round brush with light brown paint. Press it on the top of the forehead on the hairline. Paint a wavy line from the forehead to mid nose. At mid nose paint a diamond at the end of the wavy line. With the medium round brush, paint the lips green.

  6. 6

    Paint a red thin forked tongue coming down from the bottom of the diamond to make a snake tongue using a small round detail brush. Paint diamonds along the wavy line in any colour you wish. Still using a small round detail brush, put a dot in the middle of each diamond using any colour. This face painting will look like a snake surrounded by juggle trees.

    King of the Jungle

  1. 1

    Apply white face paint around the eyes and covering the muzzle area using a sponge. The muzzle area is under the nose, around the mouth and down to the bottom of the chin following the laugh lines. Paint the rest of the face with light brown also using a sponge. Load a sponge with yellow paint and dab it on the nose, cheeks and mid forehead to brighten the face.

  2. 2

    Load a fan brush with orange paint. Press the fan brush on the hairline and flick toward the centre of the face to make an inch long stroke. Do this stroke around the entire edge of the face, covering the hairline, jawline and chin. This creates the lion's mane.

  3. 3

    Load a small round detail brush with dark brown. Add dark brown long flicks around the edge of the mane to give it a rough outline. Paint a tuft of hair in the centre of the forehead with short, quick flicks starting at the bridge of the nose and flicking upwards.

  4. 4

    Paint two lines on either side of the face outlining the white muzzle, the lines going from the edge of the nose to the bottom of the chin. Paint a single line going from the base of the nose to the centre of the lip. On either side of that line, paint three dots above the lip. Darken both eyebrows with hair flicks to give them a bushy look.

  5. 5

    Load a medium round brush with black face paint. Paint the tip of the nose and around the nostrils black. Also, paint the lips black.

  6. 6

    Use the same small round detail brush loaded with black to outline two upside triangles coming down from the corners of the mouth. These are the lion's sharp teeth.

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