How to Install a Creative SB0460 Sound Card on a PC

Updated July 20, 2017

The Sound Blaster X FI Xtreme SB0460 is a sound card by the audio hardware company Creative. It features high quality audio sampling at a rate of 96 kHz with 24-bit digital to analogue capabilities. The SB0460 has several different outputs that provide the possibility of live music studio monitoring. This specific sound card is an internal sound card requiring the use of a PCI input slot. The installation of the card is a plug-and-play process with the use of the correct device drivers.

Power off the computer and remove the cable from the wall outlet. Remove additional cables such as keyboard or mouse connections that may get in the way during installing the SB04060. Gain access to the internal components of the computer by removing the side panel. Depending on your computer case, either unscrew the side panel or locate the release levers and unlock them. Once you remove the side panel, gently move aside any internal cables that are in the way.

Locate the old sound card and remove it. It will be connected to a PCI slot, which is a white clip located on the motherboard. Also, sound cards vary in appearance but will generally have several small speaker jacks in the back. Unscrew the mounting brackets and slowly slide the card out of place. Insert the SB0460 sound card into any free PCI slot that the card will fit into best. Screw in the mounting bracket screws to secure the SB0460 into place. Put the side panel back onto your computer and screw it back on or reconnect the release levers.

Connect all the peripheral cables and devices that you previously disconnected. Connect your speaker cables to the back of your SB0460 sound card into the appropriate jacks. Depending on the type of speakers you have, the inputs will vary. Refer to your SB0460 sound card and speaker manual to locate the correct input jacks. Finally, connect your power cable to the wall jack. Turn on your computer and let your default operating system load.

Insert your SB0460 drivers CD into your computers CD-ROM drive. If the installation wizard does not automatically load, double click on "My Computer" and then double click on the "CD-ROM" icon. Next, follow the installation steps until completion. After the drivers finish installing, restart your computer. Test your SB0460 by running any multimedia device or clicking on the volume icon at the bottom right-hand corner of your tool bar.

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