How to Make Your Own Yu-Gi-Oh! Card

Updated February 21, 2017

The popular Yu-Gi-Oh! card game includes thousands of individual cards, some of which are rare. Not all Yu-Gi-Oh! players own such cards, and those who do may want to keep them in pristine shape rather than wearing them down by playing with them. In addition, some Yu-Gi-Oh! players may have their own ideas for Yu-Gi-Oh! cards that they want to create themselves. Either way, you can create your own Yu-Gi-Oh! card using the online Yu-Gi-Oh! cardmaker website.

Register and log in at Yu-Gi-Oh! cardmaker to access the card-making tools.

Type the card's name and statistics into the card maker. You need to include the name of the card, its type, its level, its rarity, the rules text, Attack and Defense numbers, its attribute and -- if it is a trap or magic card -- what kind of trap or spell it is. If you are recreating an existing Yu-Gi-Oh! card, make sure you copy every statistic and name exactly; otherwise, it won't be valid when you play. If you're creating your own card, you can type in any statistics you like.

Add the card's additional information in the appropriate boxes. This includes the card's year of publication, its serial number, and things such as the set's identification number. This information isn't necessary to play the card itself, though it does lend it an air of authenticity.

Locate an appropriate image for the card's art and upload it into the cardmaker. You can find images of existing cards in the Anime Cubed database online or use a unique image that you found somewhere else. In some cases, the art may include the entire card and not just the art box. If so, crop the image using an art program like Adobe Photoshop or Image Preview so that only the card art appears. Then upload it to cardmaker. It should appear in the appropriate box. It isn't necessary to do this to play the card; it simply makes the card look better.

Type your name into the "Creator" box if the card is your own creation.

Click the "Generate" button, followed by the "Save" button" to save the card.

Download the card onto the hard drive of your computer, and then open the image using Adobe Photoshop or a similar image viewing program.

Print the card on your printer and carefully scissor the excess white space away.

Place an existing Yu-Gi-Oh! card in a plastic sleeve, and slip the card you printed out on top of it, face front. Choose a common Yu-Gi-Oh! card, one of numerous copies you have so you won't miss it.


Yu-Gi-Oh! cards printed out like this can't be played in official Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments. If you play these cards with your friends, make sure they know and think the copies are OK. If you create your own card, you may want to play test it to make sure it's balanced. Unbalanced cards ruin the fun of the game, and your friends likely won't let you play with it if they think it's too powerful.

Things You'll Need

  • Common Yu-Gi-Oh! cards
  • Plastic card sleeves
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Adobe Photoshop or Image Preview
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