How to make a fondant Mario on a cake

The Mario video games have been popular for many years, ever since his release in 1981 in the Nintendo game Donkey Kong. Since that game, Mario has starred in over 200 different video games. Because Mario is so famous, he is a very sought-after character to place on cakes. You can easily make a Mario character from fondant, because cartoon figures are some of the easiest fondant sculptures to make. Prepare Mario a day in advance to allow him enough time to dry before the cake is served.

Mold a 5-cm (2-inch) ball of blue fondant into an egg shape. Flatten the top of the shape so that it is round on the bottom and flat on the top. Roll an identical egg shape from red fondant. Connect the two flat ends of the fondant pieces by brushing water onto the fondant and pressing into place. Always use water to attach the fondant pieces.

Roll two 5-cm (2-inch) long and 13-mm (1/2-inch) thick sausage shapes from red fondant. Stick the shapes near the top of the red half of the egg on opposite sides for arms. Repeat the process with two blue sausages and stick to the blue fondant for legs. Shove a toothpick inside the legs and partway into the body to add stability so Mario can stand.

Mold two 13-mm (1/2-inch) balls of brown fondant into shoe shapes. Stick these to the bottom of the legs. Make the shoes flat enough and large enough to support the body. If necessary, you can use additional toothpicks to help anchor Mario to the cake.

Make two white 13-mm (1/2-inch) balls into gloves. Stick them to the arm pieces with small pieces of toothpick.

Mold a 2.5-cm (1-inch) ball of flesh-coloured fondant. Roll a small ball of flesh coloured fondant and stick onto the middle of the ball for a nose. Mold two small ears and stick them to opposite sides of the head.

Cover the top of the head with red fondant to make a hat. Make a tiny bill for the hat from red fondant and stick to Mario's forehead.

Roll out some brown fondant about 3 mm (1/8 inch) thick. Cut out a tiny moustache, side burns and pupils from the fondant. Cut two small circles from white fondant slightly larger than the brown circles. Roll out some blue fondant and cut two-inch long and one-quarter inch wide straps. Cut two small circle buttons from yellow fondant. Cut a small white "M" to glue to Mario's hat.

Stick all of the detail pieces to Mario using water and a pastry brush. Allow Mario to dry overnight. Stick Mario on the cake. Use the toothpick anchors, if necessary, to get him to stand upright.

Things You'll Need

  • Brown, flesh colour, red, blue, yellow and white fondant
  • Fondant shaping tool
  • Toothpicks
  • Pastry brush
  • Rolling pin
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