How to Clean the Inside of a Crystal Decanter

Updated February 21, 2017

Crystal decanters are decorative bottles that often store wine or liquor. Occasionally the liquids stored inside of the decanter can fog or stain the decanter. Cleaning a crystal decanter does not require much effort or even the use of strong cleaning supplies. You can clean your crystal decanter with a few household items.

Insert a small handful of ice cubes into your crystal decanter. You may need to break up the ice cubes to fit into the decanter.

Pour in a small amount of water. The water should not cover the ice completely; just pour in enough so that you can swirl the water around in the decanter.

Pour in a small amount of salt, approximately a teaspoon.

Swish and shake your crystal decanter around until the ice has melted or until the decanter looks clean. You may need to add additional ice cubes if the decanter is not cleaned from the first batch of ice cubes.

Pour the water out of the decanter.

Pour in a small amount of dishwashing soap and add water to the decanter. Swish and shake the decanter with the soap and water inside of it. Pour out the soap and water.

Rinse the decanter with fresh water to remove the soap.

Allow the decanter to air dry before replacing the lid.

Things You'll Need

  • Ice cubes
  • Salt
  • Dishwashing soap
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