How to Check the Ink Level in an HP LaserJet 2600N

The HP LaserJet 2600N includes a printer status panel that alerts you to low ink conditions on the display, located on the front of the printer. If you need to monitor the ink level in your printer before the low ink warning appears, you can access reports through the control panel to monitor the ink levels in the existing cartridges. Keep extra ink cartridges on hand to avoid running out at a crucial time.

Press the left or right arrow key until "Reports" appears on the display. Press "Select."

Press the left or right arrow to locate "Supplies Status." Press "Select."

Wait while the Supplies Status page prints. The data on the left side of the page contains the current ink status information. The first block on the right side of the page displays specifics for ordering ink cartridges, and the second block on the right side of the page includes information regarding recycling your used cartridges.

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