How to Connect Sony Hi8 Camcorders to a PC

Many Sony camcorders record video onto tapes containing 8mm tape called "Hi8" tapes. Hi8 technology is now outdated and Hi8 decks (similar to a VCR, but for Hi8) are priced out of most consumer's budgets, leaving most people with a pile of Hi8 tapes containing family memories that can only be watched using a camcorder, or so you thought. With video editing software such as Pinnacle Studio, Openshot and Adobe Premier pro, you can capture the footage from your Hi8 tapes to your computer using your camcorder. Once captured, you can even edit the Hi8 footage using the computer software.

Locate the A/V jack on the camcorder. The A/V jack is located behind a rubber panel and is the size of a headphone jack (8mm). Alternatively, your camera may have red, white and yellow composite outputs located behind the rubber panel.

Plug the 8mm connecter on the A/V jack on the camcorder or plug the composite cables into the corresponding coloured jacks.

Plug the USB cable on the video capture device into the computer's USB port, if using a video capture device. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to complete the installation of the device.

Plug the yellow composite cable on the opposite end of the cable connected to the camcorder into the yellow composite jack input on the A/V capture video card or device.

Plug the red and white composite cables on the opposite end of the cable connected to the camcorder into the matching composite jacks on the A/V capture video card or device. If the A/V cable only has two colours, yellow and black, plug the black cable into the red composite jack on the A/V capture video card or device.

Move the "Mode Selector" on the video camera to "Player." The camera is now ready to send audio and video signal to the computer.

Things You'll Need

  • Camcorder A/V cable
  • A/V capture video card or device
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