How to Use Liquid Stitch for Hemming

Updated April 17, 2017

Creating a hemmed edge on a piece of fabric prevents it from fraying and gives any garment or other sewn item a professional-looking finish. Hemming an edge is simple enough for even novice of sewers, but if you do not want to sew a hem you can achieve the same professional look with Liquid Stitch.

Fold over the raw edge of the fabric 1/2-in., folding toward the wrong side of the fabric. Iron the fold. Fold the edge of the fabric again toward the wrong side of the fabric, this time to the desired length of the hem. Iron the fold. Open both folds.

Draw a line of Liquid Stitch along the wrong side of the entire 1/2 -in edge of the first fold. Refold the first fold, and run your finger over the fabric to adhere the two layers together smoothly.

Draw a line of Liquid Stitch along the new edge. Refold the second fold, and run your finger over the fabric to seal the hem.

Allow 24 hours for the Liquid Stitch to dry completely before wearing or using the hemmed item.


Dry cleaning is not recommended for items hemmed with Liquid Stitch.

Things You'll Need

  • Item to be hemmed
  • Ruler
  • Iron
  • Liquid Stitch
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