How to get red wine out of the sofa's fabric

Distinguished for its antioxidant properties and flavour varieties, red wine complements meals and special occasions. Red wine doesn't, however, complement a sofa's fabric. Red wine permeates couch fabrics until it thoroughly saturates the fibres. Therefore, instantaneous removal of red wine is vital to couch fabric restoration and appearance. Since red wine spills are unpredictable and inevitable, knowledge of removing them is essential. You can remove red wine from couch fabric using basic cleaning supplies.

Blot the red wine stain with white paper towels to absorb the spilt wine. Lift as much red wine as possible.

Squirt 18 ml (1 tbsp) of bleach-free liquid dish detergent into 480 ml (2 cups) of fresh, cold water. Combine the detergent solution in a container.

Submerge a clean, white rag in the detergent solution and use it to blot the wine stain. Rinse the rag with clean, cool water as its surface accumulates wine.

Examine the couch's fabric for wine. If the red stain lingers, continue blotting the couch's fabric with the detergent solution until the red wine is thoroughly dissolved.

Saturate another clean, white rag in cold water. Blot the stain until the detergent solution is thoroughly rinsed out.

Press a clean, absorbent towel repeatedly onto the rinsed couch fabric to absorb the water. Blot up as much moisture as possible.


Blot extremely stubborn red wine stains with dry-cleaning solvent.


Liquid dish detergent containing bleach can discolour couch fabric.

Things You'll Need

  • White paper towels
  • 18 ml (1 tbsp) bleach-free liquid dish detergent
  • Spoon
  • Container
  • 2 clean, white rags
  • Clean, absorbent towel
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