How to bandage a dog's back leg

Updated February 21, 2017

Caring for a dog with an injured leg helps to minimise the discomfort of the injury and also helps the injury heal faster. Tending to an injury on the hind leg of a dog requires a snug bandage, secured to the fur to keep it in place, whether you are looking to patch up an open wound or help support an injured bone or muscle.

Wash any open wounds with an antiseptic spray or cream, then cover the wounds with gauze pads.

Wrap the leg with multiple passes of roll cotton, snug enough that it does not fall down your dog's leg.

Wrap stretchable gauze over the roll cotton.

Position a stiff stick on either side of the fractured leg if you are treating a broken bone. Only attempt to splint a leg using wood pieces cut to match the natural angle of the dog's leg. Attaching a straight splint can inure the leg further and attempting to splint a rear leg at all should be avoided if possible.

Wrap around the leg using an elastic bandage.

Apply tape along the top and bottom edges of the wrap, securing the tape to the fur as well. This will anchor the wrap in place.

Check the paws of your dog frequently after application for signs of swelling in the toes, or for the paws becoming cold to the touch. If either is detected, remove the wrap to allow circulation to return and wrap the leg looser.


A self-applied wrapping should not be considered a permanent fix, and should only be used to calm and protect the dog until you can take her in to see a veterinary professional.

Things You'll Need

  • Antiseptic spray or cream
  • Gauze pad
  • Roll cotton
  • Stretchable gauze
  • Angled splints (optional)
  • Elastic bandage
  • Medical tape
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