How to Tie a Woggle Knot

Updated February 21, 2017

The woggle knot, also known as the Turk's Head knot, is the traditional knot for tying a neckerchief in the Scouts. The woggle knot is a strong, flexible knot that does not need further securing when using traditional rope or leather. This allows it to be easily untied.

Hold one end of the string, and pass the rest around the back of the neckerchief, so the long end of the string passes over the part you are holding. Pass the string around the neckerchief again, this time crossing over the front, and looping a little lower down the neckerchief. Pass the long end of the string over the second loop at the front, and under the first loop, on the front right of the neckerchief.

Twist the string so the left side of the lower front loop is above the upper front loop, and the right side is below the upper front loop, making the two loops look like a figure of eight. Pass the long end of the string back through the two loops, over the string on the top left, and below the string on the bottom left. This begins the braid. Twist the long end of the string up and slip it below the upper loop on the left side of the neckerchief.

Turn the woggle knot so the braiding is now on the back of the neckerchief. Repeat the braiding process so both the front and back of the woggle knot are now braided. Rotate the woggle so you are looking at the first side again. Braid again so the woggle is double-braided on each side. Slip the ends of the string into the knot in line with the rest of the braiding, to create a seamless woggle knot.


Although a traditional Scout woggle knot is not tied off, and can therefore be undone quickly, this is not always the best option with modern string or rope. Modern materials are low-friction and cannot hold together without being secured. You can secure the knot by melting the tips of the string and fusing them together.


When melting the ends of the woggle knot, use caution. Melting nylon and plastic are incredibly hot and will retain heat for several minutes after the flame is removed. Allow the woggle to cool after fusing.

Things You'll Need

  • A length of string
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