How to Make a Yoda Costume for Kids

Updated November 21, 2016

Yoda is a classic "Star Wars" character, who is beloved by many fans of the movie franchise. If you or your child loves "Star Wars," consider creating a Halloween costume based on one of the characters. Yoda is a good option for a child, not only because the costume is easy to make, but also because Yoda is short, so a child will look even more authentic, especially if your entire family is dressing up as "Star Wars" characters.

Use green craft foam to make Yoda's ears for the costume. Draw the ear shape onto the craft foam and use a pair of scissors to cut out the ears.

Glue the ear shapes onto a green headband so that you can easily fit the ears onto the child's head.

Pull a cotton ball apart a bit and glue the cotton onto the centres of the ears so that they look like Yoda's ear hair. Glue more cotton onto the top of the headband to look like the sparse hair on top of Yoda's head.

Wear a brown bathrobe and a pair of sandals as the clothing part of the costume. The bathrobe should be a bit baggy so that it looks more like Yoda.

Paint the child's face with green face paint. You also can paint the child's hands and feet to provide an even more complete Yoda look.

Things You'll Need

  • Green headband
  • Green craft foam
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cotton balls
  • Brown bathrobe
  • Sandals
  • Green face paint
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