How to Connect a PS1 to a TV

Written by robert spearing | 13/05/2017
How to Connect a PS1 to a TV
The PlayStation console series continues to maintain popularity. (Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

The PlayStation or PS1 is the first of a series of gaming consoles developed by Sony. First released in 1994, the PlayStation features two controller ports and two memory card ports. In 2005 the PlayStation became the first console to sell over 100 million units. Sony no longer designs games for use on the PS1 nor does it have the ability to play games built for other PlayStation consoles. The most common way to connect a PlayStation unit to a TV is through its proprietary AV cable included with each console.

Locate the PlayStation AV cable supplied with the console. Ensure this cable has three AV connectors (red, white, and yellow) and the proprietary PlayStation male connector.

Identify the AV cable ports on the TV you wish to connect. Many units feature more than one set of ports both in the front and back. Connect the AV cable to the TV by matching corresponding colours and inserting the male ends of the cable.

Locate the input port on the back of the PlayStation console (on the right). Insert the AV cable, taking care to align the connection.

Test the connection by connecting the power adaptor and turning on both the PlayStation and TV.


  • If the TV is monaural, only connect the white and yellow AV plugs.

Tips and Warnings

  • If the TV is monaural, only connect the white and yellow AV plugs.

Things you need

  • PlayStation AV connection cable

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