How to Thaw Out Hashbrown Potatoes

Updated February 21, 2017

Hash brown potatoes are shredded or diced potatoes served as a side dish at breakfast or used as an ingredient in casseroles and potato pancakes. Frozen hash brown potatoes do not need to be thawed before frying in oil, but when used as a recipe ingredient, you will need to thaw the potatoes. If you need to use hash browns immediately but find that they are still frozen solid, use the gentle warmth of running water to thaw them out. This method evenly thaws the potatoes without cooking them, as can occur in a microwave.

Place the frozen potatoes into a colander.

Hold the colander under running water for two to three minutes or until you no longer see ice crystals on the potatoes and they become limp. Toss the potatoes in the colander or stir them with your hand while they are held under the water to ensure even thawing.

Transfer the thawed potatoes to a salad spinner or paper towels to dry before adding to your recipes.


Thaw hash brown potatoes overnight in the refrigerator if you have time.

Things You'll Need

  • Colander
  • Salad spinner or paper towels
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