How to make a monkey with phone symbols

Updated July 20, 2017

You can create different animals on your phone using the symbols from the keypad. Impress your friends with your creativity and still get your message across with a few symbols found on your cellphone keyboard or keypad. Now all you need to know is where to place those certain characters. Some monkey symbols just take one line, while others may use two lines.

Navigate through your phone to the screen where you can compose a message.

Type the "@" (at) key by tapping the ''SYM'' button to switch to the symbols and numbers menu.

Make a single tap on "(" (right parentheses).

Tap '' ' " (apostrophe) once on the corresponding key.

Find the "_" (underscore) and tap it once, followed by another " ' ", a ")", and "@." There you have just made a monkey. The underscore is achieved by simultaneously pressing "shift" and "-" (hyphen) located to the left of the "plus" (+) sign.


Do not put spaces between the symbols. Another variation is: O( '.' )O or O(o_o)O or :-|.

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