How to Add a Jingle to a Stuffed Animal

A stuffed animal with a jingle or bell inside transforms the animal from a soft "lovey" to a rattle toy. Many stores sell stuffed animals that jingle inside, but it is also possible to transform any stuffed animal into a jingled animal. There are several ways to add jingles to an animal, but the simplest way is to add a small container filled with the jingled item or a bell and slip that inside the stuffed animal. Because of the potential for choking, this animal should not be given to young babies or animals.

Turn the animal over onto its front side, revealing the back seam. If the animal does not have a back seam, locate the seam on the side of the animal, or wherever the seam does appear. Carefully split open the seam with a seam ripper. Do not make the hole larger than the egg you will place inside the animal.

Dig a small hole into the stuffing of the animal just large enough for the egg to fit inside. If necessary, remove some of the stuffing.

Place a few jingle bells inside the plastic egg. Three or four is typically enough to make a pleasant jingle sound. Close the two sides of the egg and tape the sides with duct tape to prevent them from splitting open inside the animal.

Tuck the egg inside the animal. Bury the egg deep inside the animal and fill some stuffing in over the egg.

Close up the seam on the animal. Thread the needle with a thread similarly coloured to the body of the animal. Knot the end. Push the needle up through the fabric from the bottom so the knot is hiding on the inside of the animal. Push the needle down through the other side of the seam and then up through the first side. Continue to make this overhand stitch to sew up the seam on the animal. Pull the stitches tightly so that the animal does not open again.


Do not give this toy to a dog or other animal or child who could accidentally open up the animal and swallow the egg or the bells inside.

Things You'll Need

  • Seam ripper
  • Small plastic egg
  • Duct tape
  • Small bells
  • Needle
  • Thread
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