How to Insert a Calendar in PowerPoint

Updated February 21, 2017

The Microsoft PowerPoint software, part of the company's Office suite of products, provides a way to compile ideas and images into an electronic slideshow format, but the digital slides on the screen are an ideal home for just about anything. Browse through PowerPoint's built-in templates to add items such as a calendar to a PowerPoint presentation, directly onto the slides themselves. Show a group of employees their sales calls for the month, list family birthdays and special occasions at a group event or keep track of holidays and upcoming events, without having to leave the presentation screen.

Open PowerPoint. Click the "File" tab. Click "New." Click the "Calendars" button. Double-click one of the calendar file folders, such as "2011 calendars."

Scroll through the preset calendar templates and double-click one of the options. Depending on computer speed, it may take a few moments to download and open the calendar into PowerPoint's workspace.

Click the edge of the calendar to highlight it. Press the "Ctrl" and "C" keys on the keyboard to copy it.

Click the "File" tab. Click the "New" option and click the "Blank presentation" button to start a new PowerPoint slideshow to add in the calendar or click the "Open" option and browse to the existing presentation.

Scroll to the slide to paste in the calendar. Skip this step if you created a new blank presentation.

Click the slide. Press the "Ctrl" and "V" keys together and the calendar is inserted into the presentation.


To insert an existing calendar into PowerPoint, open the PowerPoint from the "File" menu. Click the "Insert" tab; click the "Picture" button below the tab and browse to the calendar file. Double-click the file, which inserts the calendar into the PowerPoint slide.

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