How to Stream from Blockbuster

Blockbuster's On Demand service allows users to stream movies and programs directly into their homes. Unlike downloading, streaming plays content automatically as the receiving device obtains the data; so the Internet connection determines the speed of playback. Streaming content can be received through Blockbuster's On Demand service using one of many multimedia devices.

Obtain a device capable of receiving streaming content from Blockbuster's On Demand service. The device can be a home theatre system, high-definition television, Blu-ray player, digital video recorder, game console or other multimedia device. The devices are listed on Blockbuster's On Demand Devices web page, which is linked in the Resources section.

Connect the device to a broadband Internet connection. For specific information on connecting your device to a broadband Internet connection, refer to the device's instruction manual. The instructions may vary among devices and models.

Find the device on the left side of Blockbuster's On Demand Devices web page, which is linked in the Resources section. Clicking on the manufacturer's name for your device brings up a selection of devices, such as televisions, home theatres and Blu-ray players. Under each is a blue button marked "Activate..." Click the "Activate" button for your device. The sign-in web page and new account directions will appear.

Sign into your Blockbuster online account, or create an account. Once you are logged in, provide the name of your device, accept Blockbuster's terms and conditions, and enter your payment information in order to proceed. Blockbuster will give you a five-digit activation code that is valid for one hour.

Open the Blockbuster application on your device, and enter the five-digit activation code. At that point, you can access Blockbuster On Demand with your device and stream movies directly into your home.


You can download movies to many mobile devices and computers. If you do not see an activation button underneath your device in Blockbuster's On Demand Devices list, verify you selected the correct manufacturer's name on the left side of Blockbuster's On Demand Devices web page. Many of the devices listed under the generic "Device Type" category do not have a direct activation link.


Blockbuster may charge your credit card or debit card a £6.40 (in early 2011) hold amount in order to validate your selected payment method. It is not a charge. The amount will disappear from your credit card or debit card after a few days. The cost to rent a movie through Blockbuster On Demand begins at 99 cents per movie and goes up to £3.20 for some high-definition new releases (as of early 2011).

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