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Updated April 17, 2017

The Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Mystery at Hogwarts Game is a game created for three to six players, eight years or older. The object is to be the first person to solve a mystery based at the Hogwarts school.The game is similar to Clue, but is played on a board and with pieces that are designed from the Harry Potter book series. The person who wins the game solves the puzzle of which professor caught a specific individual casting a certain spell on a particular victim

Unfold the game board. Provide each player with a Hunch Checklist.

Chose a Hat Mover and place it on the Hogwarts Crest located on the board. Repeat this step for each player.

Place the Ghost on the Ghost's Starting Haunt.

Separate the green Hogwarts Cards from the blue Hint Cards. The Hogwarts Cards should be placed face down at the edge of the board.

Separate the Hint Cards according to the appropriate categories. These categories include purple bordered Faculty Cards, yellow bordered Culprit Cards, red bordered Spell Cards and blue bordered Victim Cards. Each pile should be shuffled and placed face down.

Chose a dealer.

Chose one card from each pile and place it under Fluffy's Trapdoor. The cards should be chosen by the dealer only, and at random.

Deal one card to each player from the Faculty Card pile. Players can look at their hint card, but should take caution to hide it from other players. Players should mark their hint card off on their checklist. Every time a player gets a card their checklist should be updated. Do not show other players your checklist.

Combine all remaining cards and shuffle. Place cards face down next to the board.

Have each player roll the dice. The individual with the highest number is allowed to go first and the play moves in a clockwise direction.

Roll the dice and move towards a classroom the directed number of spaces. You can move forward, backward, diagonally or sideways. Players cannot land on the same space twice or go into and come out of a classroom on the same turn. If both dice display crests on your turn, you can draw two "Hogwarts Cards." Follow the directions on the first card before playing the second card and ending your turn. If one crest is displayed, chose a card from the "Hogwarts Cards" and follow the directions before moving your game piece the number of spaces displayed by the second dice. Players can chose to move either their Hat Mover or Ghost on each roll. If a player rolls doubles they can move both pieces the total of the dice.

Visit a classroom. Update your checklist and draw a hint card or test a hunch. If the hint deck is empty you must test a hunch. Players can also stay in a classroom for an extra turn if they would like to test a hunch after they draw their hint card.

To test a hunch chose a faculty, culprit, spell and victim you think are under the trapdoor. You must use the faculty name of the classroom where you are located. Players must show you the hint cards that include your guesses, if they have them. If they have more than one of the hint cards, they can chose which one to reveal. Update your checklist accordingly.

Head to the trapdoor once you believe you know what four cards are under the door. Name the four hint cards you believe are under the trapdoor.

Open the trapdoor and see if you are correct. All four cards must match your guess to be correct. If all four cards do not match, do not share the cards identities. Deal your hint cards to the other players one by one, starting on the left, and watch the rest of the game unfold. If you are correct you win the game and play ends.


Classrooms cannot be entered or exited diagonally. You cannot occupy a space already occupied and you may not jump other players. If you would jump another player, stop in the space before the occupied space.

Things You'll Need

  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Mystery at Hogwarts Game
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