How to remove a stripped screw on a toilet seat

Updated February 21, 2017

Most toilet seats are designed with a top lid and a seat with a hole in it. The top lid and seat are secured by screws to a metal bracket that is fixed to the toilet bowel. A stripped screw happens when you attempt to remove the screw and the indentation the screwdriver fits into rounds out or strips. Fortunately, with the proper tools you can remove a stripped screw easily from your toilet seat.

Place the tip of the screw extractor in the top centre of the screw head.

Locate a wrench that fits onto the opposite end of the screw extractor or attach the screw extractor handle provided in your screw extractor kit. The handle simply slides over the end of the extractor.

Press the screw extractor firmly against the screw head and twist the handle or wrench counterclockwise. The tip of the screw extractor will dig into the screw head and then start to turn the screw out of the toilet seat. Keep turning the handle or wrench until you remove the screw completely.

Things You'll Need

  • Screw extractor
  • wrench set (optional)
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