How to Transfer Contacts from My BlackBerry to a SIM Card

Updated April 17, 2017

Moving contacts from your BlackBerry's internal list of contacts to your SIM card is a quick and easy way to back up your phone book. Names and numbers of important contacts can be saved on the SIM, but be aware that information like e-mail addresses and birthdays cannot. BlackBerry smartphones allow you to copy an individual entry to the SIM---there is no way to copy all your contacts at once.

Scroll to the Address Book icon on your BlackBerry and click to open it.

Highlight the contact you wish to move to the SIM card and click to open it.

Press the "menu" key. A list of options will appear---scroll to and select Copy to SIM Phone Book.

Press the "menu" key. Select Save. The contact is saved to the SIM card.


To view the numbers on your SIM card, open your Address Book, press the "menu" key and choose SIM Phone Book.

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