How to Turn off the Email Notification on My BlackBerry

Updated February 21, 2017

Your BlackBerry smartphone provides a way to stay connected to your e-mail wherever you can get a wireless signal. All incoming events on the BlackBerry, like phone calls, e-mail and messages trigger a notification sound letting you know that you have a new message. If you get a ton of e-mails, or you get e-mails at all hours of the night, these tones can be more intrusive than helpful. To turn these notifications off, you will have to alter the profile settings on your BlackBerry device.

Select the speaker icon on your home screen. The icon is labelled as "Sound and Alert Profiles." Tap the profile for which you want to change the email notification. This will also make it the current profile. Tap the speaker icon again and select "Change Sounds and Alerts" from the short menu that appears.

Choose "Sounds for Selected Phone" from the list of options. Select "Messages -- Notifiers" from the new menu that appears, and then "Email" from the next menu.

Select the "Volume" field and choose "Silent." You can also choose the "Vibration" field and choose "Off" to stop the BlackBerry from vibrating when a new e-mail comes in.

Press the "Back" button and choose "Save" from the menu to save your changes. Press the "Back" button two more times to go back to the home screen.


These changes to e-mail notification will only work while you have the current sound profile selected. If you change your sound profile, you will need to go through this process again to silence the email notification for the new profile.

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