How to Get a Child's Photo Identification Card

Updated March 23, 2017

Every 40 seconds a child disappears, according to the Vanished Children Alliance. The FBI receives 200 missing children reports every day. If your child were to disappear you would need to have current picture and identification information ready for law enforcement officials. The time to think about getting a child's photo identification card (ID) is not when something has happened to your child. Instead be prepared by ensuring your child has photo identification.

Navigate your web browser to an online site such as Kid Safe, Flying With Kids or Easy ID Card. Enter your child's information, including their height, address, hair and eye colour and any birthmarks. Upload a current picture of your child and click on the "order" button. When you order, you will be sent a laminated card with your child's information and picture. Kid Safe even includes a DNA sampling when you order an ID card.

Call your child's doctor and ask about a medical ID card. These are usually only given if the child has allergies or some type of illness that could be dangerous. However, the ID card will usually contain a picture of the patient, the name of their doctor, and an emergency telephone number.

Contact your child's school and get information on a school identification card. Most schools have some sort of ID card for children for keeping track of lunch expenses. Although these cards may not have any specific information other than the child's name and picture, this ID card can be used to identify your child in the case of an emergency. Many school ID's allow students to receive discounts from local merchants.

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