How to Make a Felt Giraffe

Updated July 20, 2017

Making a stuffed animal from felt for your child is a quick, hand sewn project that can be done with basic sewing skills. Make a personalised animal toy in little time with a few items. The instructions below are to make a felt giraffe, but the same process could be used to make any felt animal of your choice.

Print or draw a giraffe outline on a piece of paper. Try to fill the whole page. On a second piece of paper, draw three irregular shapes for the giraffe's spots. These shapes should be small enough to fit onto the front of the giraffe outline.

Cut out the templates for the giraffe body and giraffe spots. Pin the giraffe body template onto a double layer of yellow felt. Pin the giraffe spots templates onto a double layer of brown felt.

Cut around these shapes. You should now have the front and back of the giraffe's body in yellow felt and six irregular brown giraffe spots.

Place the two giraffe body templates on a table. Make sure that the two heads are facing each other. Place three giraffe spots onto each piece of felt for the giraffe body.

Appliqué three brown spots onto each piece of the yellow felt. Pin the brown spots in place and hand sew around the edges of each brown piece using a simple running stitch or blanket stitch.

Pick up one of the giraffe body pieces. The decorated side is the front. To make an eye, insert the needle through the back of the head shape in the yellow felt and pull the thread through to the front. Continue by inserting the needle front to back and pulling the thread through to the back.

Repeat this process of stitching on top of the original stitch until the eye is your desired size. Pull the thread through to the back and secure with a double knot.

Repeat steps 6 and 7 on the other half of the giraffe outline. One eye should now be sewn on each half of the giraffe. Be careful not to place this eye too close to the edge of the yellow felt and try to match where you place the eye on each side of the giraffe. You now have two complete sides of a felt giraffe.

Place one giraffe felt piece decorated side down on a table. Place the other felt piece directly on top of this decorated side up and match the edges. Pin the two sides together. The decorated side of the yellow felt should be facing out on both sides.

Sew around 3/4 of the outline edge of the giraffe using the stitch of your choice. Start at the top of the back leg and pause where the neck meets the back of the giraffe.

Stuff the giraffe with polyfil or wadding. Make sure to tuck stuffing down into the legs and up into the neck and head with your fingers.

Continue to sew around the remaining edge once you are happy with the amount of stuffing.


To speed up this project, use a sewing machine instead of hand sewing the giraffe.

Things You'll Need

  • Yellow felt
  • Brown felt
  • Wadding/polyfil
  • Needle
  • Embroidery thread
  • Fabric scissors
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