How to Chase Pigeons Away Permanently

Updated February 21, 2017

Pigeons are often problematic once they start accumulating in an area because they'll keep coming back to the same spot and their droppings can be an eyesore and damage house and car paint. To remove pigeons from your yard, you need to make the area as inhospitable as possible for them. Chasing pigeons away permanently requires time, patience and persistence.

Remove any food or water sources from around your home. Pigeons are not fussy eaters and can utilise your garbage for sustenance.

Pull down any nests that you locate to help keep pigeons from coming back.

Place spikes on the edge of the roof and other perching points to keep pigeons from nesting or perching on them. The less hospitable you make the area around your home, the less likely pigeons will be to stay there.

Use wire mesh on the roof because it's uncomfortable on pigeons' feet and they won't stay there.

Install a motion sensor controlled siren on the roof and any other places where pigeons reside. The siren will activate when pigeons are nearby and the noise will startle them away. Once they stop coming back, you can remove the device.

Attach a fake owl to a nearby tree or your house roof. It will function as a scarecrow that can scare away pigeons and prevent them from coming back.

Run at any pigeons you see on the ground. They will fly away and if this happens consistently, they are less likely to return.

Things You'll Need

  • Bird spikes
  • Wire mesh
  • Motion sensor siren
  • Fake owl
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