How to use dvd-rw dvdr & dvd-r

Updated April 11, 2017

Advances in home computer technology have made it possible to record movies and other data onto a blank disc. Whether making copies of your favourite film, storing photographs onto a backup disc, or transferring miscellaneous data, PC DVD burners make data reproduction and storage easy. However, there are several variations of DVD discs. DVD-R stands for Digital Video Disc-Recordable, meaning that data can be recorded once and only once. DVD-RW stands for Digital Video Disc Re-Write, whereby the disc can be recorded, erased, and rewritten numerous times. Note that DVD-R and DVDR are synonymous; however, DVD+R signifies a different variation altogether.

Insert the blank disc in the DVD-RW or DVD-R drive.

Open the folder that corresponds to that drive, which will be blank if burning for the first time.

Drag and drop desired files from the computer hard drive (or other drives) to the DVD drive. The drive will automatically copy the files.

Delete burnt files from DVD-RW drives by highlighting the file and clicking delete or right-clicking and sending to the Recycle Bin. Remember that only DVD-RW discs can be rewritten.

Double-click (or right-click and select "Play" or "Open") on the burnt files to use your DVD-RW or DVD-R discs.


It is illegal to copy movies that you do not own and it is illegal in any situation to copy with the intent of selling the movie.

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