How to Reset a Smeg Dishwasher

Founded by Vittorio Bertazzoni in 1948 in Guastalla, Italy, Smeg is an Italian appliance manufacturer that is known for its stylish 1950s-type retro and contemporary appliance designs. Smeg offers a line of residential dishwashers with electronic control panels. If the circuit board in the control panel malfunctions, the dishwasher may stop in the middle of a dishwashing cycle. Reset your Smeg dishwasher to have it working again as soon as possible.

Open the dishwasher door and quickly close it. Make sure that the door latches properly; you should hear a soft "click" as the latch engages.

Locate the "On/Off" button on the left side of the dishwasher control panel. Press and release the "On/Off" button to turn the appliance off. Press and release the "On/Off" button a second time to turn the dishwasher back on; the "Power On" indicator light above the "On/Off" button will illuminate when the appliance is on.

Select and run a dishwashing cycle to ensure that the dishwasher control board has been reset successfully. Press the appropriate "Program" button to the right of the "On/Off" button; the LED lights above the five programming buttons will indicate which program has been selected. Press and release the "Start/Stop" button to start the selected dishwashing cycle.


Try resetting your Smeg dishwasher from your electrical service panel if it does not respond to a simple control panel reset. Locate the circuit breaker switch that supplies the electricity to the dishwasher; quickly toggle the switch between the "Off" and "On" positions.


A dishwasher that experiences another malfunction after being reset may suffer from a faulty internal component. Contact the Smeg After-Sales department to obtain troubleshooting, repair and warranty information.

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