Instructions for a Wii Charger

Updated April 17, 2017

The cutting edge motion-sensitive controller used with the Nintendo Wii is completely wireless, which means it tends to run out of battery power after extended use. Wii remote chargers rectify this situation by allowing you to charge your Wii remote batteries when not in use. Wii chargers come with rechargeable battery packs that can last for up to a full day of gaming before the charge wears out. While a good Wii charger may set you back £13-$30 it will save you the expense of having to frequently replace AA batteries in your Wii remotes.

Remove the back of the Wii remote and take out the AA batteries inside. If the batteries are dead, properly dispose of them. If the batteries are still usable, set them aside for use in another electronic device.

Install the Wii charger battery pack inside the Wii remote battery compartment. Line up the positive and negative symbols on the battery pack correctly.

Replace the battery compartment cover with the cover included in the charger kit. Dispose of the old battery compartment cover if you so desire.

Plug in the Wii charger system and place the Wii remote on the stand. A light on the charger will illuminate to indicate that a connection has been made between the charger and the battery pack.

Remove the Wii remote from the charger when it is finished charging, as indicated by a green light.


Unplug the Wii charger when not in use to save on electricity usage.


Remove the Wii remotes from the charger as soon as possible when they are finished charging to avoid overcharging the battery and damaging the Wii remote. Use only the included battery pack with your Wii charger; do not use regular AA batteries.

Things You'll Need

  • Wii charger
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