How to Use Sulfur Lavender Soap to Treat Scabies

Updated April 17, 2017

Scabies is a skin condition characterised by itching and the formation of rashes and thin lines on the skin. It is caused by the Sarcoptes scabiei mite, sometimes referred to as the itch mite. Scabies is contagious and can lead to secondary skin infections, so it's best to treat it as soon as possible. Sulphur lavender soap is a good treatment option for those who can't take the standard medications. Sulphur kills the scabies mites and lavender acts as an antiseptic, preventing secondary infection.

Wash with the sulphur lavender soap twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Continue this treatment for a minimum of three months. Sulphur can not kill mite eggs so long-term treatment is necessary to prevent a recurrence of the condition.

Work the soap into a lather and gently rub it all over the body. Allow the soap to sit on your body for five minutes.

Rinse off the soap with warm water. Finish your shower and pat yourself dry.

Dampen the sulphur lavender soap slightly before bed. Rub the damp soap with your fingers until they are covered with a thin layer of it. Apply the layer of soap on your fingers to visible rashes and skin lesions.

Wash the soap off the next morning before you take your morning shower.


Apply a sulphur ointment to your rashes throughout the day to increase treatment efficacy.


Sulphur can severely dry out the skin.

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