How to Get My Media Player Music Into iTunes

Updated April 17, 2017

Windows Media Player and iTunes can play most of the same music files and other media formats. However, iTunes remains the only official method of transferring music to iPods and other Apple portable devices. If you want to transfer music to an Apple device, or simply prefer the iTunes interface over Microsoft's program, you can import an existing Media Player music library into iTunes without any manual file conversion or storage transfer.

Open Windows Media Player and click the "Music" list in the left frame. Scroll to the music you wish to transfer.

Locate the music on the system's hard drive. Right click on the top columns and select "Choose columns." Click to check "File path" and then click "OK."

Note the location in the "File path" column and navigate Windows Explorer to the parent directory of the music files. You can open the directory of one specific music file by right-clicking on it in Windows Media Player and selecting "Open file location."

Start iTunes, keeping the directory window open. If you don't have iTunes installed you can download it from the Apple website.

Click and drag the music files from the Explorer file to the "Library" section in iTunes. iTunes will process the music and add it to the "Music" list.

Wait for iTunes to convert any WMA files. Windows Media Player creates WMA files by default when ripping a CD or downloading purchased music. Though iTunes cannot play WMA files, it will automatically convert imported WMA files to the compatible format specified in the iTunes preferences. The "Converting" playlist will display overall progress, and individual song progress will display in the iTunes top frame.


iTunes converts received WMA files to AAC by default, but includes other encoders as well. To change the conversion format, click the "Edit" menu and select "Preferences." Click "Import Settings" and change the "Import Using" drop-down menu to the desired format.

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