How to Reset a HP Compaq NC6120

Updated February 21, 2017

The HP Compaq NC6120 is a discontinued notebook computer that came with Windows XP installed as its operating system. Resetting your NC6120 helps you regain control of the computer should it become unresponsive. All computers occasionally encounter software problems serious enough for the controls to freeze, preventing a conventional shutdown. There are several ways of resetting your NC6120, depending on how much control you have over the computer.

Press and hold "CTRL," "ALT" and "DEL" if the computer is responding to keyboard and mouse input. Various options will appear on the screen. Click "Shut Down," then "Turn Off." The computer will power down, closing all open applications, and turn off. Wait at least 60 seconds and press the "Power/Standby" button above the "Esc" key. The computer will start up as normal.

Hold down the "Power/Standby" button for five seconds if the keyboard and mouse stop working and you are unable to complete Step 1. The computer will switch off. Wait at least 60 seconds and press the "Power/Standby" button a second time. The computer will start up as normal.

Disconnect the power cord, close the screen and flip over the computer so the hinge is facing toward you if Steps 1 and 2 are ineffective. Slide both battery release latches to the right and pull the battery pack out of the computer. The computer will instantly power down. Wait at least 60 seconds, then slide the battery pack back in place. Connect the power cord and press the "Power/Standby" button. The computer will start as normal.


Any unsaved work will be lost during a reset procedure.

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