How to Use a Micro SD Card on Sony Vaio

Updated July 20, 2017

Sony Vaio laptops, like all modern laptops, feature USB expansion ports, allowing for thousands of different accessories and adaptors to be used. One of the most common uses for these ports is SD card readers, which allow you to view pictures and other files stored on SD cards. While most laptops feature a built-in SD card readers, they don't have a built-in reader for the smaller MicroUSB format. To access a MicroSD card, you'll need a MicroSD reader.

Insert the MicroSD card into the MicroSD reader. Be sure to insert it in the correct fashion -- it will only read when the gold contact points touch the corresponding contacts in the reader.

Insert the card reader into a USB port on your laptop.

Turn on your computer and log in. Click "Start," then "Computer" or "My Computer."

Double-click the SD card drive. The files and folders stored on the card are in the Explorer window; you can copy them to your computer's hard drive or erase them to save space.


Some (not all) Sony Vaio laptops feature an SD card reader slot integrated into the laptop body. If your MicroSD card came with an SD card adaptor, you can insert the MicroSD card into the adaptor, then insert the adaptor into your laptop's SD slot. Users with both an SD adaptor and an SD slot do not need a MicroSD card reader.

Things You'll Need

  • MicroSD card reader
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