How to increase my height up to 6 inches

Updated November 21, 2016

A person's height is determined by a complex mixture of genetics and the environment. Generally, genetics, hormones and nutrition combine to increase height, while stress reduces height. Typically growth stops after puberty---16 years old for girls and 18 years old for boys. Growth hormone treatment, breathing exercises and leg lengthening treatments can all increase a person's height after puberty, but the safest method is through exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Practice yoga to create long, lean muscles that will encourage lengthening of limbs.

Use growth hormone treatment, but be sure to consult with a trusted physician because this treatment carries many risks.

Practice deep breathing exercises by inhaling through your nose for 5 seconds while letting both your chest and stomach expand. Hold your breath for another 5 seconds; then, exhale for 5 seconds. This will promote spine health and good posture. Be sure to always sit and stand up straight.

Use leg lengthening treatments as a last resort. By fracturing the bone and promoting healing, bone lengths do slightly increase. However, the rehabilitation process is lengthy and patients often report a loss in limb function.


If you are unhappy with your short stature, consider using visual illusions to seem taller: wear tall shoes and sleek, slim, well-structured attire.


Growth hormone treatment has not produced definitive results in patients who are well past puberty. Leg lengthening surgeries are dangerous and excruciatingly painful.

Things You'll Need

  • To increase your height, you will need the following:
  • Yoga mat
  • Growth hormones
  • Tall shoes
  • Lengthening attire
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