How to Delete Your Oovoo Account

OoVoo is a Web conferencing application for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, and it is a competitor to programs such as iChat and Skype. Users download and install ooVoo to communicate using video, voice and text chatting. The first time you log in to the application, you must create an account using your e-mail address, birth date and optional photo. OoVoo does not provide a "delete account" function as of April 2011, and your personal data remains on the company's server even after you uninstall the program. The best solution is to edit your ooVoo account to make the personal information inaccurate.

Open the ooVoo application. On Windows operating systems, click "Start", select "Programs" and then click "ooVoo." On Mac OS X operating systems, click on "Finder" followed by "Applications" and the "ooVoo" icon.

Log in to the ooVoo account you want to delete. OoVoo allows you to create several accounts using the same e-mail address. If you have multiple accounts, you need to sign into each one individually to delete that account. Select the account name you want to edit, enter your password and click "Sign In."

Click "File" followed by "My Account" and "Edit My ooVoo Card." Since there is no actual deletion option, you must edit your profile so that it has no connection to you and notify ooVoo administrators of your intentions. In the "Display Name" field, type "Inactive Account." Type ".oovoo" at the tail end of your e-mail address, such as "," for example.

Remove your picture. There is no option to delete the picture you have uploaded. If the picture is an arbitrary picture (not your likeness), then simply leave it as is. If it is a picture of you, upload a new picture that has no connection to you. Click "File" followed by "Change my display photo" and "From file." Browse your computer for an image file to use, highlight it and then click "Open." The picture will be displayed next to the account name.

Review the account's privacy settings. Since you will no longer use this account, you don't want other users to see that it ever existed. Click "File" followed by "Privacy." Choose the "No one" option under "Who can search for you?"

Remove e-mail notifications by clicking "File" followed by "Emails." Ensure that all of the check boxes under "Notification" are deselected. This step ensures that you never receive updates from the ooVoo system.

Repeat steps one through five for all ooVoo accounts you want to delete. After you have removed all of your personal ooVoo account information, simply abandon using ooVoo.

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