How to Set Up Holidays on a Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Updated April 17, 2017

Planning is the key to successful time-management, and the Microsoft Outlook calendar can help you plan weeks, months and years in advance. Holidays can sometimes creep up on you, and it's easy to forget about them and accidentally book important meetings on days when everyone else will be out of the office. Avoid this problem by using the automatic tool in Microsoft Outlook to set up holidays on your calendar.

Open Microsoft Outlook from the desktop screen or toolbar on your computer.

Click the "File" tab, then select "Options."

Click "Calendar" to open the "Calendar Options" pane.

Click "Add Holidays."

Click the checkbox next to each country or region with holidays that you want included in your calendar. Your home country is automatically selected, and you can select as many other countries or regions as you want.

Click "OK" to complete the process. Outlook will add the selected public holidays to your calendar.


If you've already installed the public holidays for a specific country or region, then Outlook will prompt you to confirm that you want to include them. Click "No" in the prompt box to prevent Outlook from creating duplicate holidays in your calendar.

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