How to Create an Inverted Bob Haircut

Updated February 21, 2017

An inverted bob can be a stylish hairstyle, if cut correctly. Creating an inverted bob can be difficult and is usually done by professional hairstylists. However, you can create an inverted bob with a little practice. An inverted bob consists of longer hair in the front, with hair tapered at the neck.

Wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo. Use conditioner to moisturise your hair after it is cleaned. Cut your hair when it is wet.

Make seven sections in your hair: on the left side, right side, top, right and left crown, the right nape of the neck and the left nape of the neck, according to Bob Hairstyles. Use hair clips to hold each section in place. A quarter of an inch of hair along the perimeter of the head should be left down. Comb the hair straight in front and decide the length. For inverted bobs, the hair in front is usually longer than the hair in the back. The front part of the inverted bob should touch your chin. Cut each section in front based on your desired length.

Use a comb as a guide to cut the hair in the back, the quarter inch you left down previously. Comb each section, leaving the left and right side of the nape held in clips, in order to free any tangles in the hair. Once you have decided on the desired length, Bob Hairstyles recommends cutting a 1-inch guide until you get to the desired length. Keep the hair cutting shears horizontal to prevent uneven lengths.

Cut the right and left side of the nape, using the techniques you performed earlier. Go from back to front and start from either the right side or the left side of the nape. Bob Hairstyles states that you should repeat this process on the left and right side of the crown and the sides of the back of the head. The hair in the back needs to be tapered at the neck, with the hair longer in the front.

Dry your hair and style as desired. You can also use a straightening iron to get a smooth style. If you want a curly inverted bob, use a wide-barrel curling iron.


Make sure the hair cutting shears are sharp enough for cutting hair.

Things You'll Need

  • Hair cutting shears
  • Comb
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hair clips
  • Hair dryer
  • Straightening iron
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